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Angela's TT Series!

Tuesday Time Trial Series! 
4 weeks of chasing, testing and fun! 


Giveaways -  PRfive frameset, Shimano Powermeter or a Set of Normatecs*
1 of 10 tubs of Moxilife Hydrolife

*see Rules of Giveaways

The series will include 4 virtual time trials on Zwift with Angela. Race her, and test yourself each week for improvement. Clock in for a chance beat yourself, and Angela!

Register for 1, 2, 3, or all 4 virtual time trial races. Heart Rate and Zone Testing -

OPTION TO REDEEM:  Register for 2 or more time trial events, and you'll be provided Heart Rate and Power Zone Testing Services for both cycling and running.   

Who: Any and all cyclists! Each TimeTrial will be raced on Zwift with Angela. Try to beat her, guess her time, create your own handicap. 

What: Four virtual time trials every Tuesday starting May 19th. Time Trial Tuesday!  You can do as many as you like - but why not go for all four?!  

Where: Zwift - a special link meetup will be provided the Monday before the race to all registered riders (each TT is capped at 100).

Why: Track your improvement, and grind the pedals.  Set a new threshold level for yourself, and see if you can beat your own time and Angela.  Let’s all work together to build, and enhance the cycling community in a time of “social distancing” and set some PR’s in the process!   YOU WILL BE PROVIDED A GOAL WATTAGE FOR EACH CONSECUTIVE TIME TRIAL TO BEAT! Let's see what we can do! 

POWER Zone Testing - OPTION TO REDEEM:  Register for 2 or more time trial events, and you'll be provided Power Zone Testing  for cycling. 


CLOSED REGISTRATION May 12th - 11 AM EST  or or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 15.3 Miles (Greatest London FLAT Loop, London in Zwift)

OPEN May 19th - 11 AM EST with Angela,  or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 14.6 Miles (Knickerkbocker Loop, New York in Zwift)

OPEN May 26th - 11 AM EST with Angela, or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 21.8 Miles (Muir and the Mountain, Watopia in Zwift)

OPEN June 2nd -  11 AM EST with Angela,  or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 19 Miles (Road to Ruins, Watopia in Zwift)

LEARN How the Races Work HERE

Cost: $25 per time trial or $80 for all four. 
Portion of proceeds go to Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN LA)  

I want in! Next Steps:

  1. Register for the Time Trial Series or each separate race HERE.  Be sure to choose the CORRECT time and date of the time trial when you register (no exchanges). 
  2. Get familiar with using Zwift and have the Zwift Companion App on your phone.
  3. Follow Angela Naeth in Zwift Companion App.
  4. All other details will be provided to you post-registration, and during our pre-race Meetings on Monday nights before the race!  We will have a pre-race meeting for each race. Please ensure to follow the steps in your confirmation email for registration. This will be provided to after you register.
  5. READ How the Races Work

About our Charity- Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN LA).  



No Refunds, or exchanges.

Thank you to NEEE for the support of sharing our event! 


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