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INDOOR Ride Challenge


MARCH 23rd thru April 30th


  •  Pair RC901 Shimano Shoes, and 2 sets of DURA-ACE R9100 Pedals   Michele Niermann
  • 3 ATHLETIC GREENS BAGS (month supply). a_TRI_ called_QUEST, Volker Voit, Robert (Keith) Oswald
  • Moxilife HydraMag and product goodie bags Jana Richtrova
  • Caliloko Compression Wear Top and Bottom! Kate Westra
  • 1 Lazer Helmet Goochypapa Gooch
  • 2 PEARL iZUMi 2020 IRACELIKEAGIRL CYCLING KITS! (top and bottom) Lenny Ramsey, and Sue Dalponte
  • 1 ROKA SWIMSKIN AND WETSUIT!  Brittany Kalso
  • 3 VID CBD OIl 600mg Tinctures Staci Murphy, Morgan Marie, Steve Domingos
  • 1 pair of TOPO Athletic Running Shoes Keith Leite #BSTT
  • Hyperice Product: Hypervolt and Vyper Cory Mayfield (Hypervolt), Scott Batula (Vyper)
  • $100 Gift Card for  Dave East
  • TRAIL BUTTER - NUT BUTTER! (3) Lil' Squeeze Variety 12-packs (1.15oz single serves)  Shyanne McGregor
  • 25 boxes of PowerBar PowerGel Shots Darlene Burke
  • 3 GOODIE BAGS full of BLUERUB Products. KPeace2 Peressini, Brad Symons, Crystal Moore

    Winners - please email Angela directly to claim your giveaway (


All ages. All genders. All fitness levels. Indoors! FREE! 

 RIDE as many miles as you can to win! - Every 100 miles gives you 1 entry into the random draw

(Registration is open all thru March/April)

GOAL:  Challenge yourself to ride as many miles you can INDOOR starting March 23rd thru April 30th! 

We’re excited to bring this challenge to the public, to motivate and support everyone thru April and COVID-19. 

WHAT'S UP FOR GRABS: (thank you to SHIMANO and Angela's sponsors)

BONUS ENTRIES!  Every week, share some motivation to others by posting a picture of your workout that day for the challenge.  Each Friday during the challenge, 20 registered riders posts will be chosen, and posted on Angela's Instagram.  Chosen riders posts will be provided an extra entry for the giveaways!   
*Instagram post requirements: public post, tag @angelanaeth, and include the hashtags #rideshimano #angelanaeth #INDOORridechallenge in order for us to re-share.  

Here's How it Works - (all steps need to be done!) :) 


  2. Sign up or login into Strava ( *Make account PUBLIC

  3. Register for our ride board by opting in for CTL: Follow their steps to link your strava account (this is how we are able to accumulate the virtual mileage)!

  4. Join our Strava group: 

  5. RIDE and GRIND indoors to as many miles as you can on your bike! Every 100 miles ridden gives you one entry for the giveaways. 

Follow along weekly in our Strava group for updates and weekly mileage!

Follow the official ride board: 

 *Note: this is for VIRTUAL RIDES ONLY, and accumulative 4 week tally. By the end of April 30th, your total mileage will be adjusted.

For all registered participants who complete at least 100 miles, 1 entry will be given for random draws toward our giveaways at the end of the April.  Every 100-mile marker receives one entry.
Example: ride 255 miles from March 23 - April 30 and receive 2 entries into the giveaways.  *Rides must be INDOOR. 


  1. How do I record my rides in Strava?  Ride it your way - INDOOR, everyday or 6 big rides for the month! After joining the club on Strava, your rides will  automatically show up in the Clubs’ stats weekly and our RIDE BOARD page  

  2. What if I don’t have a bike computer that logs miles? Not a problem! You can manually add your rides!  *Let's be honest :-)  

  3. What if I join late? Not a problem! Once registered and on the leader board, your indoor rides from March 23rd will add to your total! 


  • Giveaways are limited to USA addresses only. If you live outside the USA, and have someone you can ship your giveaway to we will ship to that address. Please provide address in registration. 

  • All levels welcome.

  • Must be registered and complete at least 100 miles to validate one entry into giveaways


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