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How the Time Trials Work

How the Time Trial Series Works and FAQ

 (Check your email after you register for further details)

How The Races/Events Work

  • Each race is a single meetup event on Zwift that officially begins at your designated Time Trial slot and date you registered for (with Meet Ups at 11 AM on May 12th, 19th, 26th, or June 2nd. 
  • Time Trials can be done though ANYTIME ON TUESDAY - on the same course.


  • CLOSED REGISTRATION May 12th - 11 AM EST  or or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 15.3 Miles (Great London FLAT Loop, London in Zwift)

  • OPEN May 19th - 11 AM EST with Angela,  or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 14.6 Miles (Knickerkbocker Loop, New York in Zwift)

  • OPEN May 26th - 11 AM EST with Angela, or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 21.8 Miles (Muir and the Mountain, Watopia in Zwift)

  • OPEN June 2nd -  11 AM EST with Angela,  or YOUR DESIRED TIME - Time Trial distance: 19 Miles (Road to Ruins, Watopia in Zwift)

There is an official time slot meetup where Angela is racing at 11 AM, EST but you can do the Time Trial anytime during the day, and your result will be added  (Details will be requested after registration).
A meetup will be created with you to do your time trial so you are racing, on the official course as everyone else. --

  • Athletes will be invited to the Meetup prior to race day. 

What Will Happen Prior to the Race?

  • Monday the night prior to your race, we will have a pre-race meeting at 6 PM EST on Zoom. A Zoom link will be provided to you by email and posted in our Facebook group. 
    Please join the pre-race meeting scheduled on the week of your race. *If you miss this meeting, details will be in the Facebook group in point form. 
  • A pre-race questionnaire link will be sent to you to fill out your estimates, handicaps to Angela. This will be sent by email.
    You have until Midnight EST Monday to fill this out. 
  • Each registered racer will be added to the Zwift Meetup by Angela for their registered slot for the time trial.  Confirm your slot by accepting this invite in Zwift Companion.  If you do the race on your own time, simply ensure you upload your Zwift file to Strava and ride the same course! - this is confrimed by creating a meetup with Angela - details and support will be provided to ensure you get on course! 

Race Day!

  • Meet Ups start promptly at 11 AM on Tuesday of your registered event date/time. 
  • If you choose ON YOUR OWN TIME - be sure to ride the course and do the Time Trial by end of Tuesday (your time zone). 
  • You can warm-up prior to the Meetup by jumping on Zwift. Once in Zwift, ensure you JOIN THE MEET-UP on the bottom left of your screen in-game.
  • Try to join the Meetup 5 minutes before the start of the game. Angela will be warming up, and answer any quick questions. Banter welcome! :-)

END of the Time Trial: 

  • As soon as the Time Trial ends,  END YOUR RIDE and SAVE IT.  We all have to do this, so the few seconds it takes to do this, will be part of your total time.
    *Please note, if you don’t end your ride until later, your uploaded Zwift ride will have extra time added to it.
  • Final results and  will be posted to the event's webpage HERE within 48-hours of the event. 


  • You must have and use the ZWIFT Companion app, in order to accept the ZWIFT Meet Up invitation, by Angela. (this is not needed for ON YOUR OWN TIME SLOT)
  • You must Follow Angela Naeth in ZWIFT Companion app prior to Monday before your race so you can be invited to the Meet Up. 
  • Please try to calibrate your power meter or perform a Wahoo KicKr Spindown, on race morning, prior to the start of time trial. 
  • Please use an accurate body weight within ZWIFT. This is fun challenge, and a great competition! 

What Do I Need To Do? Be sure to follow each step outlined. 

  1. Register for each Time Trial - HERE
  2. Review the Required Equipment Guidelines, below.
  3. Join our Time Trial Series' Strava Group. Participants only.
  4. Join our Time Trial Series Facebook Group HERE

Required 'Equipment' Guidelines

In order to be able to participate in the virtual time trials, the following equipment is needed: 

  • Indoor trainer with Speed sensors or powermeter or Smart traiiner.
  • ZWIFT account
  • The ZWIFT Companion app on your phone or other mobile device.
  • A 'smart-trainer' connected to ZWIFT, or a traditional trainer with a working based-based power meter that is connected to ZWIFT, or a Taditional trainer with a wheel-speed sensor connected to ZWIFT. Ensure you know how to use your equipment with Zwift. Details on this can be found HERE

Have Questions? Please post in our Facebook group, or email


1. Can I participate if I don't have a Smart Trainer? Yes! Check out how to use a non-smart trainer with Zwift HERE

2. How will you ensure there's no cheating?  Because the race is virtual and there's no specific way to Validate weight, or calibration of each trainer, the TT series is for your own personal PR!  Ultimately, you will want to calibrate your trainer so that you can best estimate the handicap and also, guess your times accurately! 

3. I don't have a Strava account and/or Zwift. Can I participate?  Yes, if you register for both! The way we are able to collect data and do the race is by using these two Apps.  

Have further questions? Please post in our Strava group, or email

No Refunds, or exchanges.


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