DIVIDE COLORADO (March 27) - Professional triathlete Angela Naeth has become the first career athlete to publicly endorse and be sponsored by “VID-CBD” (cannabinoid oil), citing how it helped her to conquer Lyme Disease.

       Cannabinoid oil, extracted from the marijuana plant, has profound therapeutic effects and is also used by many athletes to speed recovery and reduce the natural inflammatory process caused by strenuous exercise. 

       In a great step forward, towards the availability of wholly natural holistic health and recovery supplements, available to the greater population, the hemp-derived product was deemed legal for public sale in the United States last year by the Department of Agriculture.

       “Angela is a courageous and remarkable athlete and we are proud to have her support,” said Robert Mussen, CEO of Colorado-based High Plateau Pharmaceuticals, which markets via the Internet and various retail outlets.

     Canadian-born Naeth, 37, is a world-class 70.3 (“Half-Ironman”) and IRONMAN athlete, who has climbed the winner’s podium 19 times since she began racing professionally 10 years. 

        “I am 100% behind it,” Naeth said of VID-CBD. “I sleep better. I have more energy. I am recovering from my workouts so much better. My anxiety levels have decreased significantly. I generally just feel so much better.”

       Naeth spent more than five months being continuously misdiagnosed, after suffering from the symptoms of Lyme Disease, which began in November of 2017.

       “I found it very difficult to get out of bed, pool swimming was unbearable, I had anxiety, depression, low energy. It came to a point where I couldn’t run anymore or walk down stairs without help, just from these really odd and severe leg pains.”

       Only after a doctor friend recommended she see a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLD), was she properly diagnosed, with actual Lyme Disease and two other co-infections, Babesia and Bartonella.

       Lyme Disease, contracted through a tick’s bite, is often described as an underreported, under-researched and debilitating disease with symptoms mimicking other ailments, such as fatigue, joint pain, sleep disturbance and the flu.

       The specialist suggested that she try CBD oil, which prompted her to contact Mussen, in order to find the best and most well-tested available option. Shortly after finding VID-CBD, Naeth began taking daily doses, in conjunction with the extremely aggressive antibiotic/anti-parasitic regimen that was required to fully treat her infections. Such a strong treatment regimen was very harsh on her body, but the daily use of VID-CBD helped to reduce the negative impacts. 

       “I am looking to benefit from the long-term effects of VID-CBD, as well as to help to keep my Lyme symptoms at bay. So, I take a relatively low dose, daily. I have come to the realization that Lyme disease is a chronic illness, and finding something that can help to relieve pain, with less impact on the body is hard,” Naeth said. “I think that VID-CBD it is a great natural avenue for people suffering with Lyme Disease, or any inflammatory illness, without having to pump chemicals into their bodies.”

      “I am very honored to be partnered with High Plateau Pharmaceuticals,” she said. “I would love to get the word out, to as many people as I can, on how much it has helped me, and continues to help me. I love having the ability to work with the company that, honestly, has changed my life. I want to spread the word.”