April 19th Update!

It’s never easy to understand what another person is going through - no matter the cause. It’s only when you walk in someone’s shoes for a mile - which, obviously is not always/ever possible.  Sometimes I feel like this when I’m trying to explain the treatment of Lyme.  It’s complex. By no way is this a post for sympathy, or any of the like. It’s to understand, relate, and help those in similar circumstances - and again, for personal sanity. Writing as I’ve said in the past, is therapeutic to me. Plus, I love to keep my followers (aka, most likely my family!), up-to-date. :) So, it’s really for my Momma. :)  I told Tim the other day, this is worse than going thru Divorce.  Ha! …. and that was ROUGH…  

What’s really happening:  Lyme - in simple terms is bacteria invading a human body.  I’m fighting it (again!) with Antibiotics, and a crapload more.  I’ve done more research, more self-advocacy, and more learning than on any other subject in my life.  

As I continue to kill the bacteria - its die-off creates toxins that are released in the body, and as previously written, make you feel crappy.  But, the more I have these episodes, the more I’m killing.  And, I’m slowly climbing up the stairway to health (heaven!).   Last week I started another antibiotic - Flagyl that caused me quite a bit of this herxing.  I was on the couch for a couple days, and did my best in training.  I bounced out of it though, and currently feel I’m up one staircase from before. I was able to run one day this week where I felt a little of my old self - let’s emphasize FEEL… time says otherwise, but it’s a step up!  

 I also bought a RIFE machine. A rife machine emits frequencies that you set.  Bacteria live/die on certain frequencies.  I have done 3 HIGH doses of the KILL frequency.  I was chatting with a practioner on using it, and of course, he warned me to go slow.  I did NOT do that. And, I paid for it. I’m pretty sure that is why I felt so bad last week, along with the Flagyl. But again, the good news is, the more you kill, the higher on that staircase.  I’ll take it. 

Another tool I bought is a portable infrared sauna for detoxing.  Detoxing becomes very important to get rid of the toxins in your body (sounds about right!).  It’s legit. I have used it twice thus far. “Nuking the bacteria” as I like to think of it. :-)

I have another doctor appointment next week.  My head is back to a good space. It’s crazy how nuts you go when bacteria builds. I legitimately felt like my mind was getting hijacked - sad, depressed, irritable. I’m glad to say that my smile is back. 

Other Shenanigans: 

TOPO athletic shoes is just up the road so I reached out to catch up.  I headed out and spent a few hours with Tony Post and his amazing team.  We went over the new shoes coming (One this May!) and future models. I am STOKED for what’s to come. I got to take a pair of the new shoe coming out and have been testing them out. It might be my new go-to shoe.  It’s light, and a bit more cushion than previous models I was wearing.  They also just released the new Fly-Lite 3 which is in the mail as we speak.  I’m definitely taking this time to test all the shoes in their lineup (I currently use the Ultrafly2).  - FYI:  Angela10 gives you 10% at www.topoathletic.com

Red Bull Visit! - I’m one of the luckiest athletes in the world. To be a Red Bull athlete is simply amazing.  I headed to Red Bull HQ for their Hight Performance Program of Health and Well-being. More to come on this but it was one of the most influential 2 days of my life. I am very excited about this project and will dive into more detail as it progresses.  The goal is to define what health and well-being is to me, an athlete and also help me become better, in all aspects of my life.  We have a nutritionist, psychologist(s), scientist, medical doctors , physiologists, basically any person with a -gist behind their name on board. I learned more on the female menstrual cycle, my psychological makeup, what I’m missing.  I have a team behind me and to be in the position I am fighting Lyme and returning back to health - I couldn’t have a better crew behind me. It really does take a team and I’m so excited for how I KNOW I will change as a person, and athlete this year.  I’m still trying to process everything from the visit.  The crew will be following myself and 2 others athletes for 6 months. I’ll be sure to write more on this. 

Hope you all have a great Easter Weekend! :) I’m going to continue finding that hop in my step! -