Lyme Disease AwarenesS

My account of being diagnosed with Lyme and return to health.  I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (bacterial infection) in 2018 and fought my way to 8th place at Ironman Owrld Championships. Lyme is a journey, a marathon in and of itself, that I’m currently living. I hope to bring awareness to this illness and provide support for those diagnosed. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Motto.

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May-Sept 2018 : Doxycycline, Bactrim and Flagyl Combo antibiotics, CBD oil. Mepron (4 weeks), BEG spray, LDN and various supplements. Stopped all medications except LDN and CBD oil late Sept 2018. Felt near 90-100%

April 2019 - currently: LDN, CBD oil, Doxycyline, Bactrim (had some symptoms come back March/April); along with Biocidin, Grape Seed Extract, vit/min supplements,