Angela Naeth



36x  70.3 Ironman Podiums

19x  70.3 Ironman Wins

Sub 9-hour Ironman Athlete

2015 Ironman North American Champion

2x Ironman Champion

5x  Ironman Podiums


3rd     70.3 Ironman Campeche
6th     Ironman Boulder
3rd     Ironman Bolton - UK
1st      Boston Triathlon Olympic - Overall Win
3rd     Ironman Maastricht - Netherlands
3rd     Ironman Kalmar - Sweden
1st Lobsterman Triathlon Olympic - Overall Win
3rd 70.3 Ironman Cozumel


1st     Killington PRO Cycling Stage Race (3-day cycling event; Overall Pro Woman, Time Trial and overall)
1st     Tupper-lake Aqua-thon
1st     Female Relay team -
Elite Boston triathlon (swim/bike). 
1st     70.3 Ironman Los Cabos *2time winner, record holder
1st     Lobsterman Triathlon Olympic - OVERALL Men and Women. *course record
3rd    PRO Canadian female Canadian Time Trial Championships  (5th including non-Canadians).  
2nd   70.3 Ironman Miami
5th    70.3 Middle East Ironman Championships - Bahrain


1st     Boston Triathlon
1st     70.3 Los Cabos


1st     North American Ironman National Championships (sub 9 hours)
1st     Timberman 70.3  
2nd   Racine 70.3
2nd   Galveston 70.3
3rd    Monterrey 70.3
5th    California 70.3 Oceanside


1st     Ironman Chattanooga (sub 9 hours)
1st     Panama 70.3
1st     70.3 Hawaii
1st     70.3 Buffalo Springs

6th    Ironman Melbourne
13th   70.3 St. George 


1st     70.3 Racine
1st     70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake
1st     TriRock Philadelphia
1st     70.3 Eagleman

3rd    Columbia Triathlon
5th    Ironman Tahoe
12th   Hy-Vee Elite Cup


2nd   Abu Dhabi International Triathlon
1st     Rev3 Portland
1st     70.3 Ironman Syracuse
1st     70.3 Ironman St. Croix
1st     Leadman 125 Las Vegas
1st     70.3 Ironman Panama

3rd    Rev3 Quassy
4th    Hy-Vee Elite Cup
6th    St. Anthony‚Äôs Triathlon
17th   70.3 Ironman World Championship


1st      Mt. Graham, AZ Hill Climb Championship
1st      70.3 Ironman Boulder
1st      Leadman Epic 250
1st      Kemah Olympic Triathlon

2nd    70.3 Ironman St. Croix
2nd    70.3 Ironman Texas
3rd     Rev3 Quassy
5th     Abu Dhabi International Triathlon



2nd    70.3 Ironman, Boulder
1st      Superfrog Triathlon
1st      Harvest Moon Aqua-bike
2nd    70.3 Ironman Buffalo Springs
2nd    Boulder Peak Triathlon
2nd    Mount Evans Hill Climb                                                                                                                           
2nd    70.3 Ironman Timberman
2nd    70.3 Ironman Branson
2nd    70.3 Ironman
2nd    70.3 Ironman
3rd     Desert Classic Duathlon
5th     70.3 Ironman Vineman
7th     70.3 Ironman World Championship
8th     70.3 Ironman California