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Thorne SupPlements

To compete in one of the toughest endurance races in the world, a triathlete needs a specialized nutrition and training regimen. Professional triathlete champion, coach, and Thorne partner Angela Naeth walked us through her routine and how she trains and prepares for an upcoming competition.


Barely being able to walk to 8th in the World - Triathlete CanaDa Magazine

On October, 13th, at around 4 PM island time, Angela Naeth crossed the line eighth at the 2018 Ironman World Championships. In arguably the biggest race of her career, and surely the most competitive, Naeth had a smile that seemed to stretch from Vancouver Island to Cape Breton in the post-race celebrations.


Red Bulletin - Angela Naeth: Champion Triathlete Battles Lyme Disease

After months of aches and pains, triathlete Angela Naeth discovered the root of her problem: Lyme disease. Here, she opens up about the journey of her recovery — all the way back to the podium.


Triathlete Canada Magazine - Angela Naeth First Professional Ahtlete to Endorse Canabinoidal Oil

Lyme Disease, recovery, and better sleep - Angela Naeth is the first professional to endorse CBD oil Here, she explains how CBD has helped her with her Lyme symptoms, recovery and more.