Angela Naeth


Angela Naeth is a world-class Professional Triathlete who has race professionally for the last 7 years. She’s won multiple 70.3s, 2 Ironman’s and in 2015 went under the 9hr bench mark for female athletes in Ironman. She won the North America Ironman Championships 2015 in a time of 8:55.  Along with her results, she has coached a number of athletes in all areas of triathlon. She is a physical therapist by trade and has a Masters in Physical Therapy and Bachelors in Health Science. Her race experience, education and the coach’s she’s worked with throughout her career makes her very knowledgeable in all areas. She’s passionate about helping others achieve their best. 

Angela offers personalized coaching as well as consulting services. 

Personal coaching is for triathletes and endurance athletes looking to follow a customized plan toward their season goals/races. Angela works with a select few to be able to optimize the individual program and provide support throughout the program/season. 

Coaching Options:

1-on-1 Coaching - weekly programming, constant contact, daily changes if needed, feedback and full access to Angela Naeth via email, text, and thru Trianing Peaks. Specifically designed for individuals wanting the most out of their training and racing.

Semi- 1-on-1 Coaching - Monthly program provided (minimum 3 month commitment), email access to Angela for any follow-up questions. HR and zone testing.  Changes to the monthly program will be discussed on an as-need basis for a consultation fee. Perfect for those wanting some structure, and to get into a solid program/training

Training Plans - Pre-programmed 12-16 week training program to a race (Sprint/Olympic/Half or Full). Perceived exertion is used for zones, unless wanting testing analysts of heart rate via consultation fee. 

Consultations are for triathletes & endurance athletes who want to reach their peak performance.  Together, in 1:1 consulting calls/in-person visits, Angela can help you optimize your training, develop a plan to help set your PR, analyze a particular course, or review and improve your training regimen. These can be done regularly for consistent results, on as-needed basis for fine-tuning. 

Connect with Angela using the Contact page.